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Services mobiles de lavage et de nettoyage à la vapeur

La mobilité est une condition indispensable du succès dans les entreprises modernes. WELL PACK propose à ses clients un lavage de qualité de tous types de véhicules chez le client. Il s’agit d’un service complexe qui s’adresse aux riverains, leur permettant d’économiser du temps et des efforts.


Our company will come to a location that is convenient for you and according to your timetable. We can fulfill your order for car cleaning near your home, office, or driveway. WELL PACK is ready to help you with the following:


  • Trucks and utility vehicles
  • Passenger cars
  • Vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers by public


  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Renovation
  • Cleaning of vehicle interiors
  • Professional wet cleaning of vehicle cabins

Other related services

  • Waxing of vehicles
  • Interior beating
  • Complete car renovation
  • Disinfection of transportation areas
  • Fleet washing
  • Disinfect air-conditioning systems


Our mobile team washes the exteriors of all types of vehicles on the customer’s premises. We use a complex system that allows us to wash your entire vehicle fleet on-site. It is possible to set up a washing station at your complex, where our drivers will gradually bring all your vehicles for washing. Our workers then pack the washing station up and drive off, leaving nothing behind. At any time, on weekends or at night, our specialists will come to the vehicle’s parking site to help you save time and money. No more waiting and wasting time reserved for your vehicles’ work performance. Our high-quality hand wash with soft brushes is kind to your vehicles’ paintwork and tarpaulins. It’s a fast process with quick washing, no delays, and no need to queue at the stationary car wash if you have a mobile car wash.


WELL PACK deals not only with transport, but washes other objects as well:

  • exteriors of buildings
  • industrial machinery
  • warehouses
  • rooftops
  • shopping trolleys
  • bus stops and advertising surface areas
  • shopping baskets, etc.


Our specialists ensure the best results even with the dirtiest transport means. They will remove the dirt from wheels, tires, doors, boot sills, and mud flaps that always suffer from dust. Our professional car detailing will bring your vehicle to like-new condition. Mobile car detailing is much more precise and labor-intensive than ordinary cleaning and always involves hand car wash, including both exterior and interior car detailing services. If necessary, you’ll have a steam clean of the car interior with the best steam cleaner.


Our services are intended for

  • carriers and bus operators
  • logistics complexes, who wish to offer their
  • tenants an extra service
  • transport enterprises
  • couriers
  • taxi services
  • companies operating construction and other
  • machinery sectors
  • private persons


The equipment used by our specialists is extraordinarily high-performance. High-pressure washers, hot water generators, and rinse systems are the key to the successful mobile detailing. You needn’t worry about the paint, you can be sure that your car will never be damaged.

Our workers use their own water supply and electricity generators. After the wash, they take their washing stations and drive off leaving nothing behind. You don’t have to care about anything.



Owners that choose to have their vehicles professionally detailed by WELL PACK will never be discouraged. Our company is one of the leaders in this industry. Here are some reasons that you can be confident in your choice to use WELL PACK:

  • Wide range of services. We work with transport means of any size and functional purpose, from trucks and trailers, to personal cars. Our services are not limited only to transport, we also work with other facilities and industrial objects.
  • Certificates. WELL PACK owns a license and certification of professional competence to carry out special protective disinfection. That is why the company has license to disinfect the units dedicated to the transportation of foodstuffs, articles of consumption, and animal feed.
  • Deep disinfection. As we have confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, proper disinfection has become a priority. Only the best, high-quality detergents and cleaning products are used to make the vehicle shine.
  • Time and mobility. No delays and late arrivals. Our workers always come in time to a place convenient for our client. The process is very quick: LKW exteriors are washed within 20 minutes.
  • Sustainability. WELL PACK understands its responsibility to the environment. Business activities and our mobile equipment are environmentally friendly, the electrical washing units don’t pollute the air, and they consume less water and energy than stationary analogues. Our employees guarantee the cleanliness of the location where they perform their work.

We also provide:

  • High-quality washing by hand – we perform the actual main washing work using gentle brushes, not pressure water
  • Quick washing – one lkw within 20 minutes, including the interior of the cargo space
  • Very low water consumption (max czk 18 /large lkw),
  • Your employees are not required
  • No concerns regarding waste
  • Time and money saving
  • Leisure time for your drivers
  • No delays because of waiting in lines to use the truck wash.
  • Liability insurance

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You needn’t care about the details with a well-tuned supply chain. WELL PACK will do this for you offering the best logistics solutions that fit your specific business needs and will boost your growth.