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We specialize in complex international logistics operations. For warehouse operations, 3PL and 4PL outsourcing, fulfillment, reverse logistics and production logistics, and a broad range of value-added services like packing, assembly, reusable plastic box cleaning, WELL PACK is your partner for high-quality, innovative logistics solutions. We can help you expand anywhere around the globe. Our dedicated team is ready to personally assist you. We take an environmentally-conscious approach to logistics, with respect to the individual needs of each client.

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WELL PACK provides the expertise and ideas needed for logistics companies to get ahead and stay ahead. Our in-house team of industry experts and engineers design and produce industry-leading innovations that are working for our customers right now — in logistics companies, fulfillment centers, reusable packaging washing facilities, and more. We bring a consultative approach to every project, and put our deep knowledge of the logistics industry, and the technology that drives it, to work for you.

Benefits of Working with WELL PACK

We are constantly innovating across logistics services, warehouse operations, and our value-added service offers. Our goal is to use advanced robotics and automate as much as possible to bring our customers unprecedented competitive advantages in the logistics industry. WELL PACK is flexible, international, and ready to lead your logistics company into the 21 century.

Your benefits when choosing us:

  • Fast and high-quality services
  • Customized solutions
  • Your dedicated team of experts
  • Extensive experience
  • Flexibility and innovations
  • Reliable partnerships
  • Customer-oriented support and consulting options
  • Significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe

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Happy Customers, Happy Communities

WELL PACK logistic solutions, warehouse facilities, and washing technologies are used by leading global firms because our solutions increase efficiency and save firms’ money. Our washing technology for plastic storage boxes is the industry standard, and we have a proven track record of innovation across several industries.
Read our case studies of how customers improve their logistics capabilities, packaging, transport, warehouse, production operations, and much more.

Case Studies


We are glad to report that our washing activities help to save more than 2 MILLION trees per year!

This is the best way to reduce the amount of waste, and reusable plastic containers should help with this. We aim to prove that a sustainable business can also be a profitable one.

Today, environmental sustainability is one of the main concerns of any business, and WELL PACK is aiming to make ecological and social sustainability a part of its everyday performance. We believe that business awareness of the responsibility of environmental health and safety is a crucial step towards a better world and future.

Of course, it is difficult to make human performance all-natural, but it is quite possible to use energy and resources more efficiently, minimizing the company’s environmental impact. WELL PACK always sticks to providing eco-friendly services and supporting sound initiatives. Our team is happy that the company also makes a contribution to the “green” business model establishment, and our efforts are confirmed with certificates.

Our methods of performance involve the use of fewer natural resources like water and energy, with our washing process being the most water-saving. Only the best, high-quality detergents and environmentally friendly cleaning products are utilized, and our equipment doesn’t pollute the air. By washing reusable plastic containers (RPCs), WELL PACK helps to reduce overall waste, as introducing RPCs to replace single-use packaging is a significant step towards environmental sustainability. Our clients can be sure that WELL PACK leads its business with all possible respect to nature, and adherence to the highest industry standards.



WELL PACK developed special know-how on how to pack bananas into reuseable plastic packaging (RPC).

This new way of packing keeps hold of all the good qualities of a cardboard box and at the same time saves millions of trees a year.

We support banana packing in different territories, mainly in Central and South America. These bananas are destined to major retail chains in Europe and United States.

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