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Well Pack / Service

Dishwashing Service

WELL PACK offers a wide range of dish washing services for

  • Events
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Catering establishments
  • Educational institutions
  • Offices

We are ready to deal with great amounts of tableware: washing cups, plates, spoons, forks, and knives.

How It Works

Our specialists will take care of your dirty dishes. They will pick them up on their transport, clean the dishes, and deliver them back.

This process is so easy and trouble-free for you as you needn’t be concerned about the cleanliness of your glasses, wineglasses, salad bowls, and pans.

How It Works

Scope of Our Activities

Dish cleaning service is complicated and automated process that includes such steps:

  • Pre-wash
  • Main wash
  • Rinse with pure water
  • Drying
  • Special disinfection
  • Careful steam cleaning
  • Transportation to our facilities and back
  • Customized services of washing according to the clients’ needs

Only high-quality detergents are used in our operations. Our automated dishwashers can easily cope with any food pollution and you’ll enjoy the perfectly shining utensils.

Scope of Our Activities


WELL PACK is a reliable partner that can offer you such benefits:

  • Availability. Geographically, we are present in 12 countries.
  • Flexibility. We have enough staff to cover peaks and you can be sure that we are always able to fulfill your order.
  • Compliance with the stringent hygiene standards. We have all necessary certificates to confirm the high quality of our dish washing service including HACCP.
  • Sustainability. Due to our modern equipment, we use less energy and water, and we apply only high-quality detergents that are the most harmless for nature.

Who Needs Us

We are ready to meet your request for a dishwashing service near me no matter if your task is big or small.


You know that even a small number of guests may make a big mess leaving much dirty plates after the party. But we are always ready to come to you at any time convenient for you. We’ll take any amount of dishware, scrape gravy off the pans, dry glass to a sparkle, and rub a lot of pots after cooking, and then return it in perfect condition.

Who Needs Us

Restaurants and Cafes

In restaurants and cafes, you always have to deal with thousands of kitchen utensils on a daily basis. To wash all these amounts carefully and in time takes a lot of energy and effort. We’ll make your kitchen service a breeze using our automated equipment. You needn’t worry even about the most fragile types of dishware as we’ll do this work carefully and cautiously.

Catering Establishments

The cleanliness of cutlery, plates, and glasses is of prime importance in this industry. But you may always have a large load on your kitchen that is intensified by the necessity to wash huge amounts of dishware. We can not only help you with dirty plates but provide additional services of special treatment like disinfection. It is impossible to do it manually in your kitchen. We will do it for you and ensure the absolute sterility of the utensils.

Educational Institutions

Younger generation needs special care and attention. Mild detergents that we use are not left on the plates and are not harmful for children. Such institutions use many kitchen utensils every day to feed students, and we’ll provide fast delivery of the clean ones.


Today, office employees increasingly opt for multi-use tableware instead of disposable analogues. But there may be serious problems with washing it in the office. We‘ll take all cups and plates from your place to return them ideally clean for the meals of your workers.

Additionally, we economize your time sorting all cutlery, spoons, and knives into individual sets and packing them into paper bags.

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