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Retail and E-Commerce Sectors

WELL PACK’s services are in high demand from retailers in many business spheres, shops and supermarkets. The competition between the players in this market is extremely intense, and it takes significant effort to win this competition. That is why it is very important to create and maintain a reliable supply chain to ensure the continuous flow of goods. Logistics solutions for e-commerce are essential today as the trading focus is inevitably shifting from offline stores to the online environment.  We understand what our clients need: we deliver your goods in time, provide safe and secure high bay storage systems and micro-fulfillment centers, keep your means of transport clean, offer packaging materials, wash reusable containers for food processing industries and returnable packaging for e-commerce, and perform additional customized services that will help to improve your competitive advantage. It doesn’t matter if you represent a small shop or a large supermarket chain, WELL PACK is always ready to cooperate with you providing you with

Retail and E-Commerce are often equated, as E-Commerce is often considered to be just a new form of retail. Such a point of view has its reasons, but in logistics, these two variants of trading have their own specific features that demand special treatments. This is one of the important tasks for 3PL companies. WELL PACK understands that E-Commerce services transform traditional activities, tasks, and the associated costs, and offers the most sensible and workable approach within this industry.

The development of technologies has created new trading methods that are time-saving and convenient for consumers. The company keeps in step with these changes and always provides the most relevant solutions. Our current and prospective clients are:

  • shops, markets, supermarkets, fish stores, meat stores, chicken factories;
  • companies that need to wash plastic packaging and pallets;
  • companies that need to store goods in a warehouse;
  • companies that need to transport goods;
  • companies looking for packaging materials;
  • companies that need to repack the product, change the label on the package…
  • companies that need to wash their vehicles quickly, efficiently and at the place of production or office;

This list goes on and on, as it is impossible to mention all those who need our services.

Retail Sector

The main goal of retail business services is to provide an available stock in the right place and at the right time, reacting as quickly as possible to ever changing and inconsistent demand. Larger retailers usually delegate the management of these processes to companies that specialize in this field, though smaller retailers are also taking advantage of running their businesses this way. The fact is that a lack of experience in this field can lead to errors that can doom a small business.

There are two basic points that make logistics possible: warehouses and distribution centers, and transport. WELL PACK possesses a network of warehouses in strategic locations throughout Europe, and its own fleet is able to cover vast distances in any direction. But effective logistics is not just about moving foodstuffs from the supplier to the meat market or egg market. Transport means more than trucks and vans. It involves containers, programming, staff availability, and much more.

Retail Sector

Retailers can take advantage of our RPC washing service, as cleanliness and disinfection are of crucial importance in food retail, from the fresh fish market to the fruit market. Foodstuffs’ freshness depends on containers’ sterility, especially when it comes to food that will not be heat-treated or even washed, like breads, for example. Bakery goods need special treatment, and all your plastic trays and pallets will be absolutely safe for use after our wash. Absolute cleanness and impossibility of cross-contamination are ensured.

WELL PACK offers a range of value-added services while storing your goods in warehouses: sorting, measuring, assembling single goods into customer packaging, repairing damaged goods, light and basic manufacturing, labeling, etc, — all designed to increase your competitiveness.

E-Commerce Sector

E-Commerce logistics processes are similar to those in retail, as E-Commerce is often called “an online retail business.” One of the most important services demanded by E-Commerce companies is so-called reverse logistics. This is the process of returning the goods from the customer to the retailer’s supply chain. The number of returns to online shops is much higher than to offline stores, and the reasons differ. They range from wrong sizes or colors, misdelivery, or items that turned out to be not as nice as they looked in the picture. An opportunity to return such goods is one of the greatest benefits of E-Commerce.

E-Commerce Sector

WELL PACK handles all types of order fulfillment services and offers a reverse logistics program. We provide customer support, physical movement of goods, warehousing, triage, and packaging. The reverse logistics procedures are often more time-sensitive than getting the goods to the customer for the first time, but WELL PACK is a reliable partner in managing the flow of returned goods.

The list of the product categories includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Sport equipment and accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverages
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Animal nutrition
  • Furniture, etc.

WELL PACK works with the products of world famous brands that produce sport equipment and clothing, perfumery, electronics, etc.