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Automotive and Engineering Sectors

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most significant markets in the modern world. Automotive manufacturers work with sophisticated technologies to create their products to cater to owners of passenger cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Engine-based vehicles abound in every country, and this places a premium on services designed for cars. WELL PACK helps both manufacturers and owners to solve their problems, offering a wide range of services. We transport and store the goods and parts produced by the automotive enterprises, provide mobile car washing services, offer customized plastic packaging returnable solutions for special liquids and automotive parts. Our business model implies mobility, fast response to clients’ needs, and our professional expertise backed by years of work with the automotive sector.

Our solutions are meant to minimize waste and maximize cost-effectiveness in our clients’ supply chains.

The automotive industry plays an important role in the global economy. One of the best performing sectors worldwide, it also boosts several other service providers, including the logistics companies involved in this chain of interaction between the industries

Automotive Sector

Cooperation with automotive companies opens up new vistas for us and our partners. WELL PACK offers automotive business solutions in the following sectors:

Reusable packaging is a sustainable alternative to single-use products, but some unique considerations should be taken into account when it comes to automotive service. The products manufactured and delivered by such specialized enterprises need unique treatment, as they are often oily and greasy. This means providing careful washing processes, and not all washing service providers can manage such elements. Our facilities allow us to perform all the cleaning procedures to cope with such materials.

Automotive Sector

Another high demand line of cooperation with this sector is our mobile truck washing service. WELL PACK makes car wash and vacuum service as comfortable as possible for its customers. We are able to deal with large vehicle fleets on-site, our workers will come at convenient times to locations that work for our clients. The mobile truck washing service is designed for larger companies that prefer to delegate this duty to specialists. We leave no rust, grease, or ice melting chemicals – the entire vehicle fleet is shining. At the same time, it is possible to order a home car wash service for individual means of transport as well.

Warehousing and transportation also take the products’ peculiarities and sensitivities into account. We perform raw material handling, assembly, waste removal, storage and many other procedures that are requested by our clients.

Engineering Sector

Engineering services are important to us, and contribute to WELL PACK’s prosperity. We strive to keep pace with the best engineering sectors, and put the most successful solutions into practice in the form of equipment, machinery, and technical methodologies.

The company has its own team of dedicated, highly-skilled engineers. They develop, investigate, and test ground-breaking innovations and technologies with the full support of our management team.

Engineering Sector

Our specialists can always provide engineering consulting services to our clients when needed, and are always in search of the best solutions.

Generally, WELL PACK experts provide:

  • Consultative partnership
  • Plant equipment inspections
  • Critical equipment identification
  • Product introduction
  • Technology improvement

The overall company’s success is achieved due largely to our engineers who understand the needs of the industry and its typical challenges.