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Job Openings

WELL PACK’s employees are the key to our success, and we are always looking for people who want to build a career with us. Right now, we have openings across Europe that offer competitive wages, environmentally-friendly conditions, and the chance to join a group of colleagues who care about their work, and like to have a good time doing it.

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Current Openings

Czech Republic
Customer service
Enterprise services
Warehousing and fulfilment
Warehouse Supervisor in Netherlands, Amsterdam
Warehouse Worker, Netherlands
Repair Center Technician
Warehouse Worker for multi-client service center
Team Lead for Multi-client service center (warehousing)
Team Leader for the Repair Center
Furniture Installation worker in Netherlands
Warehouse worker in Netherlands, Amsterdam
Office Relocation Coordinator with French and English
Various positions with German or French
Warehouse operator
Van driver
Truck driver
Logistics Manager
Forklift Driver
Sales Manager
Operations Manager

Working at WELL PACK gives you access to unique possibilities for professional development. In addition to in-house positions, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients, providing staffing for them across a wide array of technical and administrative services. We are always willing to consider qualified, motivated candidates across a wide range of skill sets, from Sales and Business Managers, to Forklift Operators and administrators, and everything in between.

Warehousing and fulfillment are our specialties, and we also provide 3PL and 4PL in client facilities, or in our own multi-client centers. We currently have a team of 2,500 people spread across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungary, and Russia, and we are expanding.

WP has a unique place in a fast-moving sector that is changing every day. Logistics, and the myriad services that come with it — warehousing and fulfillment, transport, technologically-advanced cleaning of reusable containers, and more — is one of the most innovation-heavy industries in the world. There are countless emerging and unforeseen challenges to be solved across the value chain, and joining WP means actively trying to find solutions to these challenges.

A great example is in one of our key offerings — the washing of reusable packaging. It’s a growing and dynamic industry — both in scale and importance. These are very technologically-advanced operations that require highly-qualified staff across the entire operation, and offer significant room for professional growth.

Being employed in a WP washing center gets you up close with industry-leading technology, and at the forefront of the nexus of manual and automated processes at an industrial scale. These are opportunities not found everywhere.

We are always open to discussing opportunities, and encourage you to reach out if you’re ready to get started, or advance, your career.

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