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WELL PACK is a reliable partner for companies across a variety of industries. Our team combines an in-depth understanding of market processes with years of experience and expertise in logistics. We are ready to optimize your supply chain performance to achieve the best results within the shortest possible time. Here’s an overview of the sectors where WELL PACK’s services can be beneficial, from industrial manufacturing and food processing, to private individuals.

Well Pack / Sectors

Retail and E-Commerce Sectors

WELL PACK’s services are in high demand from retailers in many business spheres, shops and supermarkets. The competition between the players in this market is extremely intense, and it takes significant effort to win this competition. That is why it is very important to create and maintain a reliable supply chain to ensure the continuous flow of goods. Logistics solutions for e-commerce are essential today as the trading focus is inevitably shifting from offline stores to the online environment.  We understand what our clients need: we deliver your goods in time, provide safe and secure high bay storage systems and micro-fulfillment centers, keep your means of transport clean, offer packaging materials, wash reusable containers for food processing industries and returnable packaging for e-commerce, and perform additional customized services that will help to improve your competitive advantage. It doesn’t matter if you represent a small shop or a large supermarket chain, WELL PACK is always ready to cooperate with you providing you with


Automotive and Engineering Sectors

The automotive industry is one of the largest and most significant markets in the modern world. Automotive manufacturers work with sophisticated technologies to create their products to cater to owners of passenger cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Engine-based vehicles abound in every country, and this places a premium on services designed for cars. WELL PACK helps both manufacturers and owners to solve their problems, offering a wide range of services. We transport and store the goods and parts produced by the automotive enterprises, provide mobile car washing services, offer customized plastic packaging returnable solutions for special liquids and automotive parts. Our business model implies mobility, fast response to clients’ needs, and our professional expertise backed by years of work with the automotive sector. Our solutions are meant to minimize waste and maximize cost-effectiveness in our clients’ supply chains.


RPC Washing and Packaging Sectors

There is no industry that can cope without packaging. WELL PACK provides both reusable and single-use variants of containers, adhesive tapes, foils, and boxes. Today, reusable packaging is a focus of public attention as sustainability is recognized as one of the main priorities of any responsible business. WELL PACK addresses the social need for less waste with its RPC washing service. RPC are Returnable Plastic Crates and this reusable packaging solution makes our washing systems adaptable to any business demands. The cleaning industry also benefits the environment, helping to avoid waste, save resources, and increase the efficiency of the logistics chain. It places high standards on hygiene and cleanliness quality, and our company ensures the best possible results.

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