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The WELL PACK blog is a resource for anyone interested in the topics shaping our industry. We have more than 2500 people in our organization working in 60 locations across Europe, and an executive leadership team with decades of combined experience, making us uniquely-placed to discuss the inner workings of this ever-evolving sector.

Our goal is to answer questions, and offer solutions, both large and small:

  • What is happening with warehousing?
  • Defining logistics now?
  • Types of transportation and why they matter
  • Top ways to wash a fleet of vans and trucks
  • What are the different types of packaging materials?
  • The advantages of reusable plastic storage boxes
  • Which value-added services are most in-demand and why?

We will also write about the technology shaping and changing global logistics more generally. We have a large internal division dedicated to innovation through robotics and automation, and this is a trend that simply cannot be ignored. There are numerous challenges to be solved across the value chain right now — and countless more facing us in the future. The WP Blog is where we will attempt to address them head-on.