Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

WELL PACK had its start in 2008 by singling out from the parent entity W.E.L.L. that was launched back in 1992. Today, this is a big corporation that offers a wide range of international logistics services.

We operate in 14 European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Romania, France, Serbia, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Ireland . We also enter the markets of Central and South America: Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia


  • Warehousing and Fulfilment Services
  • Logistics and Transportation Services
  • Washing of Reusable Plastic Packaging Service
  • Value Added Services
  • Packaging Materials
  • Mobile Washing and Steam Cleaning Services
  • Banana Packing Support
  • Office Relocation Service


WELL PACK Leadership

The range of services offered to the clients includes 3PL and 4PL logistics services, fulfilment solutions, e-commerce logistics, logistic audit, and warehousing in our multi-client warehouses.

We are looking forward to enlarging the area of our geographical presence. We are ready to build a washing or distribution center for you anywhere in the world. We can adapt to unusual requirements and are not afraid to face challenging projects.


Overall, WELL PACK has more than 2,500 workers in different European locations. We create jobs and provide competitive wages, ensuring the commitment of our employees to WP’s growth and success.

We are in the media

As high service quality and focus on our clients are made a priority in our business, the particular attention is paid to our employees’ experience.

We believe that professional development, personal dedication, and positive motivation of our employees are a crucial factor of the company’s success and that is why we always support the enhancement of their professional skills and competences. As WP is in continuous progress, it provides opportunities for career progression and mobility within the firm. We support our employees at all stages of their careers.

We are willing to learn, and we have a unique capacity to analyze and adapt new innovative solutions. Connecting different geographies, different industry trends, and different backgrounds we created an effective team that is able to execute any unusual order.