WELL PACK got its start in 2008 by spinning off from the parent company W.E.L.L., launched in 1992. WELL PACK has become a large corporation that offers a wide range of international logistics services, including washing of reusable plastic containers used for fruits, vegetables, and other perishable food items. We have managed to achieve such results by combining the efforts of all the members of our team and focusing on the highest standards of the industry. We are always ready to meet the challenge.

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Launched as a transport company, we moved beyond the common delivery of goods and washing of plastic boxes. The range of services offered to the clients has greatly expanded, and now we offer 3PL and 4PL logistics services, fulfilment solutions, e-commerce logistics, auditing and implementation, and warehousing in our multi-client warehouses. Terms of order fulfillment are as short as possible, regardless of your needs – from RPC washing, to mobile car wash, to the best steam cleaning, every order is treated with equal responsibility.

WP is present in eight European countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Greece, Hungary, and Romania. It was a difficult task to gain international recognition but we made it. Germany and Austria are our main markets, but WP’s washing services are unique in Greece. Now, WP connects the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, making their cooperation more productive.

We are looking forward to enlarging the area of our geographical presence in the near future and believe that our services are in demand in many other countries by clients both large and small. WP can build a washing or distribution center anywhere in the world for our customers.

We want to set a new standard for the industry.

Jaromir Opatrny

WELL PACK Leadership

Jaromir Opatrny is the founder of the company, and has led the company in its expansion and business success. Starting his career sweeping floors at a logistics center in New York City, he has worked in every stage of the industry, now leading a large international logistics corporation.

His ability to recognize experts’ competencies, combined with his business sense, enabled him to create a dedicated management team with a shared vision of the company’s future and its place within the industry. All of them are unique individuals united with the same aim — to move onward and be a leader in Europe, providing our customers with the best quality services. Their teamwork is based on confidence and persistence. They believe that it is possible to realize our objectives only with joint efforts and cooperation. High motivation and flexibility is the formula that brings together each team member’s strength and expertise.


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Overall, WELL PACK has more than 2,000 workers in different European locations. We create jobs and provide competitive wages, ensuring the commitment of our employees to WP’s growth and success.

The provision of high quality services is a priority in our business, and WP pays particular attention to our employees’ experience. We believe that professional development is a crucial factor in the company’s success, and it is for that reason that we always support the enhancement of professional skills and competences of our workers.

As WP is continuously progressing, it provides opportunities for career progression and mobility within the firm. We understand the importance of ensuring that our employees are satisfied with their professional performance, and that is why we provide ongoing development at all stages of their careers.

We are willing to learn, and we have a unique capacity to analyze and adapt new solutions. Connecting different geographies, different industry trends, and different backgrounds, we have built an effective team that is able to execute any order to the highest possible standards. This is how we started, and it’s how we will be successful going forward.