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Value Added Services Cases


WELL PACK’s Proposal

Generally, basic warehousing is focused on the operational needs of keeping goods safely, and providing a seamless procedure of inbound and outbound shipping. VAS services are meant to optimize the clients’ supply chain management, create higher value, and to dispatch goods to customers in a more efficient manner. For example, physically moving the products into the warehouse and allocating them in the most productive way is one of the common 3pl services. In terms of our common activities, this is a furniture or appliance warehouse customer service. At the same time, custom product packaging and product labels are not provided by all logistics companies. Let us know of your specific needs and we’ll do everything we can to tailor a solution that works for your business.

WELL PACK’s Proposal

Our basic services are transporting, warehousing, and washing of reusable plastic packaging. Warehousing and fulfillment are extended with a wide range of various additional services including sorting, measuring, assembling single goods into customer packaging, repairing damaged goods, light and basic manufacturing, labeling, and related services.

Value added services are strongly associated with reverse logistics, a business line that received a boost with the development and rise of online stores and e-commerce. Another popular direction is so-called white label products, those items sold by retailers with their own branding though they are produced by another company. We help to pack such goods in retail packaging boxes, providing the labels and branded packaging for our partners.


WELL PACK strives for the highest levels of flexibility, accuracy, and diversity when it comes to our client relationships. We believe that meeting a specific customer’s demand means improving our own performance. Let’s see how we manage such orders, using these cases as examples.

We cooperate with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling, and dressing tools, including grinding and cutting wheels. Based in Austria, it has production locations in 11 countries. The final step in the production of grinding and cutting wheels is putting prepared wheels to molds and then firing in a large kiln. After the molds got cold, WELL PACK helps the company with the following operations:


  • Deliver these molds to the WELL PACK location
  • Open them
  • Sort and pack final product (wheels) into product packaging boxes
  • Sort the molds to each segment

We provide final manual operations of the production sequence. This service is not obligatory for logistics companies, but we provide this service to meet our client’s needs.

Another WELL PACK partner produces fastening, fire-resistant, and sanitary systems. WELL PACK helps them with final assembly of each component into the final product.

WELL PACK believes that we can build strong, long-term partnerships with these companies by helping them achieve their business goals in the most efficient way, and differentiating their offer from others in the market.

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