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RPC Washing and Packaging Sectors

There is no industry that can cope without packaging. WELL PACK provides both reusable and single-use variants of containers, adhesive tapes, foils, and boxes. Today, reusable packaging is a focus of public attention as sustainability is recognized as one of the main priorities of any responsible business. WELL PACK addresses the social need for less waste with its RPC washing service.

RPC are Returnable Plastic Crates and this reusable packaging solution makes our washing systems adaptable to any business demands. The cleaning industry also benefits the environment, helping to avoid waste, save resources, and increase the efficiency of the logistics chain. It places high standards on hygiene and cleanliness quality, and our company ensures the best possible results.

Packaging for goods transportation, storage and promotion can be reusable and disposable, and WELL PACK deals with both types. We aim to maximize the efficiency of reusable packaging systems through providing RPC washing services to meet each customer’s unique business needs in single-use packaging.

From pastry and meats to electronics and pharmaceutical products, WELL PACK offers, implements, and manages individual solutions for packaging services that are in demand in all industries and private households.


Washing of reusable plastic boxes is a key strategy for companies’ success as it helps to avoid waste, saves resources, and increases the efficiency of the logistics chain. A sustainable plastic crate is one of the most widely used load handling units. We aim to provide first class package service and avoid standardized solutions, adapting to specific customers’ needs instead. Regardless of our clients’ location, the pooling supply chain unites producers and end-users while we coordinate and connect network participants. Our operating model includes:


RPC washing covers many industries, but is especially in demand by the food packaging industry. Various shops selling fruit, fish, eggs, and meat are interested in clean reusable boxes in which these foodstuffs are stored. Put simply, food producers need all these fish trays, meat packaging trays, plastic fruit boxes to provide supplies. Numerous canneries receive initial products in plastic packaging. Tray washing services are essential for such enterprises as well, as the quality and freshness of the products depend directly on the cleanliness.

But food is not the only category of merchandise that needs such services. High standards for hygiene and inspection are appreciated everywhere, and our European cleaning systems and technologies ensure the best possible results.

The main benefits of RPC washing cover many industries as it provides:

  • Supply chain operation improvement
  • Cost-effectiveness due to delegation of administration and logistic packaging to the specialists
  • Sustainability, because using reusable containers helps to reduce waste
  • Our cleaning programs are based on the strict hygiene criteria for container and for reusable plastic boxes washing solutions


It is impossible to find any area of activity that could do without packaging. Industrial utilization and at-home use are equally important and unavoidable. WELL PACK offers two main lines connected with packaging:

Our company, together with our partner Tapex EU, provides a wide range of packaging materials suitable for any purpose: rigid and flexible, transparent and light-proof, customized and standard. They are used to contain, identify, describe, protect, display, promote, and keep the items clean.


The service of packing and repacking is strongly associated with return logistics, as any package in the warehouse can be damaged and need to be repacked. In this case, our specialists can also check the item to make sure it is in good condition and inform you if the item is damaged.

WELL PACK helps you to identify the best solutions for you and your products. We seek to be the leader in helping our customers, large and small, with packaging, transport and display products of all kinds.