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About WELL PACK company

We are a solid logistics company both at international and national level that offers best 3PL and 4PL logistics services covering 11 European countries. Our corporation offers warehousing, fulfillment, transportation, packaging, truck washing, banana packing and office relocation service.

Washing of reusable plastic packaging is highly demanded among those who sell fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and other types of food.

Our team is always ready to help large corporations and small local businesses to evolve, optimize their workflows and increase the profit as a result.

WELL PACK / Scroll

WELL PACK / Warehousing


Our 3 PL warehouses are always opened to our clients 24/7. We work with all types of businesses: online clothing and footwear stores, stores for building materials, furniture, bikes, scooters, boats and even snowmobiles.

Our warehouses are perfectly adapted for storing any goods and they are located in the most convenient places. You can easily find them in Czechia, France, Germany, Poland, or other countries.

We understand what type of warehouse storage you neednd provide a full range of opportunities related to order processing in our distribution warehouses taking full responsibility for the entire logistics chain.

Our specialists are responsible for any detail of the process, from racking up to printing and labeling.
These activities are especially popular among e-commerce business owners who need a pick and pack warehouse.


  • B2B and B2C order ful illment
  • Reverse logistics and returns management
  • Order ful illment for E-commerce
  • Pallet and package cross dock
  • Packing and dispatching consignments
  • Goods classification
  • Adding flyers and gif s to packaging
  • Payment collection
  • Printing and labelings


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • United Kingdom

WELL PACK / Logistics


Every day our trucks carry various goods of various weight and size in many directions. 

Our own large truck fleet allows us to avoid delays and deliver orders in time. This is very important for 3pl logistics and freight forwarding companies.

Operating as a logistics company in Europe, we are always ready to help you to carry your goods in any direction.

Strong partnership with local transportation companies within European countries helps us to keep prices as low as possible.

As our clients, you’ll have an opportunity to reduce total logistics costs with us as we over a variety of solutions for the smart logistics. We’ll optimize your costs, set the best prices for transportation, and provide a personal logistic manager.

WELL PACK / Washing RPPs


We’ll optimize your costs, set the best prices for transportation, and provide a personal logistic manager.

2 000 000 000 of crates totally and 300 000 000 of crates annually are washed by our workers as we specialize in washing of reusable packaging.


  • Pre-wash
  • Main wash
  • Rinse
  • Drying
  • Disinfection
  • Steam cleaning
  • Transpor ation
  • Customized services of washing according to the clients’ needs

WELL PACK specializes in washing of plastic packaging meeting all the highest standards of cleanliness. Reusable plastic box became a more ecological alternative for single-use containers.

They are especially demanded in the food industry and we will provide you with the best results when cleaning RPCs.

And besides that, we offer storage, transportation, and repairing of your plastic packaging.

We understand the importance of container cleaning in food processing.

You don’t have to worry no longer about the cleanliness of the recyclable plastic food containers in your production.

We provide a full cycle of cleaning reusable plastic boxes. They will be washed, steam cleaned, and tested for bacteria. And after that we will deliver your clean boxes back to your place. 

Only high-quality detergents and equipment from the top manufacturers are used at our facilities.

WELL PACK / Value Added Services


As a third party logistics company, we provide not only basic set of operations like warehouse delivery to its clients but the complete logistics service. Our team works to enhance your competitiveness and make your supply chain more effcient.


  • Sorting
  • Measuring
  • Assembling single goods into customer packaging
  • Repairing damaged goods
  • Labeling, Marking of goods
  • Erection of displays and filling them with goods
  • Completion of cloth sets
  • Checking the completeness
  • Checking the functionality of goods
  • Quality assessment / control
  • Classification of goods
  • Set lements on customer accounts
  • Cleaning of goods
  • Refreshing goods
  • Adding at achments
  • Packaging of goods
  • Restocking

We build strong and long-term partnership with e-commerce business. The e-commerce warehouses are in high demand as they provide an opportunity for businesses to expand geographically. And the reverse management service makes the work of online stores much easier. Our firm is glad to satisfy the demands of both online and offline clients.

WELL PACK / Mobile Washing


Our mobile washing, steam cleaning, and detailing service is the best solution for those who own large vehicle fleets. If you are an owner of a logistics company, taxi pool or delivery group with lots of cars, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this proposal.


  • Exterior
    Trucks and utility vehicles
    Passenger cars
    Vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers by public

  • Interior
    Cleaning of vehicle interiors
    Professional wet cleaning of vehicle cabins

  • Other related services
    Waxing of vehicles
    Interior beating
    Complete car renovation
    Disinfection of transpor ation areas
    Fleet washing
    Disinfect air-conditioning systems

Don’t think that we can wash the trucks only. We have also the cases in our portfolio when we washed even with train carriage!

Mobile cleaning is intended not only for cars and big trucks. This also includes cleaning of building exteriors and disinfection of the interiors of various premises like offices or warehouses.

You can order cleaning of any room; we will come with our equipment and do all the work.

You’ll save time and money with our commercial truck wash!

WELL PACK / Banana Packing Support


In 2021, we started our activities in South and Central America. Today,
our managers actively consult the fruit companies there.

We support the banana packing for export in different locations, mainly in Central and South America, as well as their transportation to Europe. Our experts help to deliver banana in plastic packaging without damages and in the fastest way


  • Weighing and measuring
  • Banana grading
  • Washing and disinfection
  • Marking
  • Consul ation – WELL PACK exper s consul on the packaging of bananas into reusable plastic boxes. We introduce a better packaging method proven by experience.
  • Packaging
  • Transpor ing within the country of origin
  • Sea freight
  • Transpor ing within the customer’s country to the wholesale fruit warehouses
  • Transpor ing to retailers

Our company offers RPCs as a specific packing for export of banana that has all the good qualities of a cardboard box but is more environmentally friendly and safer. Using it, we help to preserve nature. 

RPCs can be reused many times, they do not generate additional waste like cardboard boxes, and they are much easier to use.

And these plastic boxes are more healthful than their paper analogues.

WELL PACK / Office Relocation Service


We’ll ensure the effciency of the entire process of offce shifting services from the project planning up to technical support.

Commercial offce relocation will be absolutely painless for you with our experienced movers. They will provide absolute safety of your assets and do their work in the fastest way reducing downtime.

We move offce furniture to your new location making transition as smooth as possible. Our specialists provide disassembling and packing, installation and reconfiguration in the new space. You can always take advantage of our warehouses if it is necessary during offce removals.


  • Project planning and management
  • Disassembling and packing
  • Taking the furniture at the point of depar ure
  • Transpor ation to the destination point
  • Installation/reconfiguration in the new space
  • Storage in our warehouse if necessary
  • Coordination of recycling and disposal programs
  • Effective technical suppor throughout our cooperation

After the work is finished, we take care of the remaining paper garbage. All unnecessary papers and cardboard boxes will berecycled and reconverted into new products with no harm to nature.

WELL PACK / Packaging Materials


Every day, we deliver various types of packaging to warehouses, shops, offices, schools. You can always rely on us if you need boxes to store your goods in a warehouse, air-bubble film to protect your parcel from damages, and adhesive tapes for packaging or some office needs. We’ll provide your office or accounts department with paper of different formats and sizes.


  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Special Adhesive Tapes
  • Printed Packaging Tapes
  • Paper Edge Protectors
  • Cardboard Ar icles
  • Paper Tubes
  • LDPE/HDPE Foil;
  • Flexoprinting
  • Stretch Foils (LLDPE)
  • Foam Polyethylene and
  • Protection Profiles
  • Protection Foil
  • Binding Bel s
  • Bubble Foil
  • Carton-Plastic Boards
  • Absorbable Cardboard
  • Articles
  • Special Packaging

You can always order large batches of any packaging for all your needs. Various shapes, sizes, and colors are available for our clients at very attractive prices. We can organize a delivery of packaging to you on a regular basis.

And of course, we always have extra festive packing for those corporations that want to make pleasant gifts to their employees and clients.