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Washing of Reusable Plastic Packaging Cases



Such packaging is made of plastics and may be of various forms and types according to their intended purpose: plastic pallets, fish container boxes, plastic storage boxes, IBC containers, plastic food containers, etc. They are in-demand for:

  • High-volume shipments
  • Frequent deliveries
  • Shorter shipment distances
  • Dedicated delivery providers

Reusable solutions solve the problems of high volumes of solid waste, expensive expendable packaging, underutilized transportation trailer space, inefficient storage or warehouse space, worker safety and ergonomic issues. All while satisfying the significant need for cleanliness.

The number of industries that use reusable containers is nearly endless. They include agriculture, chemicals, the coffee industry, fish and seafood, food processing, high tech, manufacturing, meat and poultry, the nut industry, the olive oil industry, pharmaceuticals, recycling and reclamation, retail and distribution, and many more.


We wash, inspect, and repair reusable packaging in 14 European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Romania, France, Serbia, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Ireland. Our crate washing systems are fully-automated with a goal to automate as much as possible, minimizing the need for large workforces. The engineering team is constantly improving the working procedures, so it is possible to wash plastic crates and wash pallet boxes in the most efficient way.

Our service includes two lines:

  • Washing of reusable plastic packaging
  • Building your own service center for washing of reusable plastic packaging

Our services are available 24/7, so that you receive the highest quality at any time of the day. Our industrial washing machines can deal with any type of boxes, e.g., wash KLT boxes, ESD trays, etc. Our methods include a best-in-class high-pressure module and an intensive washing technology that combines high-pressure water cleaning with automated brushes. The patented washing solutions solve problems like fruit sugar, non-soluble labels, and other issues. WELL PACK can always help to identify the ideal location for washing centers based on transport costs.

We also offers to transport your containers, dispose of broken ones, mark containers, and provide storage for them in a warehouse.


WELL PACK is ready to wash food containers meeting all the standards and demands that are placed for the food industry. The company established a strong partnership with numerous leading food companies in many countries. They supply the major supermarkets with baked goods, fruit, vegetables, fish, etc.

We are not just a crate washer but a company with the extensive experience and a high level of expertise in analytics and decision making. The specialists of our company meet the business owners at their places, analyze the problems, and offer specific solutions to their situation.


WELL PACK offers washing centers in eight countries to fix the problem of container shortage providing washing and packaging logistics. They are located in big cities and small towns, you can find them in Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary), Wels (Austria) and Prague (Czech Republic), Lodz (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania), Athens (Greece). Each center is from 2,500 to 10,000 m2 and they are highly-automated. There are 150 million units washed annually in Lehrte, 70 million are washed in Wels an in Vienna, 17 million are washed in Athens, 6 million – in Bucharest, and 11 million – in Budapest. No matter if our centers are big or small all of them meet safety, fire, and hygiene regulations.

Let’s view how our washing centers work using a washing center in Hannover, Germany, as a typical example. Its size is 10,000 m2; the volume has increased through the years from 55 million to 130 million washed units per year. Current working capacity is ready for 150 000 000 units. The productivity increased by 7% over the first 6 months after the start. 100 workers work in three or four shifts, five to seven days per week.

All the positive achievements are possible due to detailed preparation, careful planning, and long-term experience. This combination is our formula for success, and external audits always confirm the quality of our services. Many leading companies became our regular partners as there is no doubt in WELL PACK’s reliability and competence.

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