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All types of relocation and moving services

If you want to expand your business and move goods from one country to another, many nuances need to be resolved. For example, prepare cargo for delivery, process it, control shipment, transportation, find warehouse, etc. All these issues are handled by the professional logistics company WELL PACK.

We will help arrange the transportation and storage of products in the chosen direction. This includes transportation, shipping, warehousing, packaging and labeling, product inspection, and other processes. Our services also include packing materials needed for your move.


Moving a warehouse is a complex process. It will require careful planning and attention to detail from you. WELL PACK will help you with the relocation of the warehouse, which includes the following steps:

  • Logistics planning;
  • Disassembly and packing;
  • Moving;

We have every opportunity to ensure that the change of premises of your organization occurs quickly and without compromising business.


We guarantee high-quality transportation. Our employees are true professionals. They will not miss a single nuance during the moving, loading, and unloading operations. In any difficult situation, we will find the best solution. The company has all the necessary equipment that may be required for the relocation of your company.


Moving furniture is necessary for any move, be it an apartment, office, or country house move. For the transportation of furniture, it is important to determine the expediency of its disassembly. WELL PACK specialists will handle the disassembly of furniture of any complexity, pack it securely, transport it, and assemble it at a new place. If the furniture does not need to be disassembled, it will be securely packed and transported in the proper form.


Our specialists have all the tools necessary for assembling and disassembling furniture, as well as inventory, belts for moving bulky and heavy objects. To transport furniture, we use vehicles from our fleet, which are appropriately equipped and equipped with a sufficient number of belts.

By working with us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A wide range of services provided;
  • Responsibility for the delivery of goods;
  • Strict observance of contractual terms;
  • The professionalism of employees;
  • Personal manager for each project.


Arranging an apartment move is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. WELL PAСK company:

  • Develop an optimal route for cargo transportation;
  • Select the appropriate mode of transport;
  • Provide packaging materials;
  • Will deliver your property carefully and in a short time.

Experienced WELL PAСK foremen have at their disposal a wide fleet of special vehicles for fast and safe cargo transportation. Turning to us, and the safety of your valuable property, you can not worry.

If you have an apartment move ahead of you, you will need the services of movers. They will avoid the risk of damage to your belongings. We guarantee fast and high-quality services. Specialists will arrive at your address at a predetermined time, and carry out the necessary activities at a professional level.


Transportation of valuable cargo is associated with significant risks and responsibility, so the delivery that we plan for you is balanced and checked at every stage.


By contacting WELL PAСK, you can be calm and confident that your fragile and valuable items will be delivered to the address quickly and safely. Before transportation, a detailed inventory of the transported property is drawn up. Choosing delivery with our company, you get several significant advantages:

  • High-quality service guarantee. Your fragile cargo will be delivered safely and on time;
  • Availability of specialized vehicles and packaging materials for valuable and fragile goods.
  • Comprehensive service delivery. A team of specialists will pack your valuable cargo in high-quality boxes with fillers, using a sealing process and packing in several layers.


Transportation and removal of production equipment is a priority for WELL PACK. We offer favorable prices and comfortable terms of cooperation. We employ experienced specialists from various branches of industrial automation.


For movement, modern vehicles equipped with a reliable fastening system are used. An order for an industrial move will be completed promptly, and efficiently, and all equipment will be guaranteed to be delivered to a new place of production safe and sound.

Our moving services include:

  • Dismantling, and dismantling of machinery, and equipment;
  • Packaging using high-quality materials;
  • Carrying out rigging works (loading, and unloading of machine tools, machinery, and equipment);
  • Securing the transported cargo in vehicles;
  • Assembly, and installation of equipment at a new location.

Our company offers the most favorable prices for industrial relocation, which will be organized by experienced employees on a professional level, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the client.


WELL PACK provides 3PL warehouse services. We have the possibility of renting a warehouse, and we also offer the possibility of short-term and long-term storage of things. The territory of our warehouse is equipped with a video surveillance and alarm system, with optimal temperature conditions. In addition to storing your goods, we will help you with unloading and loading, as well as arrange delivery if necessary. These processes are carried out with the help of professional warehouse equipment, which increases the safety of the process and significantly speeds it up.


By placing your belongings with us, you can be sure that they will not lose their original shape and color and will remain so until you decide to pick them up. At the same time, our team takes full responsibility for the integrity and safety of your belongings.

We always strive for maximum care for your cargo and, as a result, we carry out their transportation with preservation of integrity. To achieve this goal, we have introduced a wide range of packaging materials.

Types of packaging take into account the specifics of the dimensions and technical characteristics of the cargo. We offer safe, recyclable packaging materials. In WELL PACK you can choose different sizes of boxes (we have more than 20), individual packaging for non-standard sizes, as well as:

  • Adhesive tapes;
  • Special adhesive tapes;
  • Packing tapes with printing;
  • Protective paper edges;
  • Cardboard products;
  • Paper tubes;
  • Foil PVD/PVD; flexo printing;
  • Stretch film (LLDPE);
  • Foamed polyethylene and protective profiles;
  • Protective film;
  • Straps;
  • Bubble foil;
  • Cardboard-plastic plates;
  • Absorbable cardboard products;
  • Special packaging.

WELL PACK offers complete and partial packaging solutions to make your life easier during your move. We will bring boxes and other packing materials with us and our movers will carefully wrap your things for you.

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