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Municipal Services

The proportion of contracts in communal sphere is constantly increasing. In 2000, about 70% of waste was disposed by private sector contractors while in 2022 this number was increased up to 95%

Private companies are able to carry out the communal and municipal services in the Czech Republic in a faster and higher quality way. Cooperating with us, you’ll get street cleaning, lawn care, empty waste bins, and many other things that make our existence more comfortable. And we create this better experience for you using our staff, equipment, and skills.


We offer various utilities throughout the Czech Republic all year round. Improvement works are carried out both manually and with the help of special automated tools.


All Year Round

  • Grass cutting,
  • Mulching,
  • Permanent weed removal,
  • Gardening work
  • Garbage removal
  • Road maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Facade washing
  • Earthworks with mechanical equipment and with the help of human resources
  • Ensuring waste collection within yards maintenance in specific municipalities
  • Mechanical and manual cleaning of roads
  • Removal of leaves using a communal vacuum cleaner
  • Graffiti removal, cleaning and clearing work
  • Basic maintenance of buildings and roads

Service offer of technical equipment and staff

  • Snowblower
  • Front or rear plow
  • Loader
  • Loader or tractor with a front loader
  • Tractor/small tractor
  • Tractor with front or rear cutter
  • Truck with front plow
Service offer of technical equipment and staff

In Winter

  • Snow removal from roads, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks
  • Cleaning of the roads and sidewalks from ice
  • Removal of icicles
  • Sprinkling of the walks against black ice
In Winter

Manual maintenance

  • We remove snow from hard-to-reach places
  • We use shovels, brooms and rakes
  • Snow removal without machines
  • Manual maintenance using a snow blower
Manual maintenance


We always strive to perform according to the highest standards of the industry.


We suggest you

  • Competitive prices. We constantly strive to provide our customers with high quality proposals while maintaining our attractive prices.
  • A large fleet. Availability of a relevant vehicle for any task allows us to perform our duties efficiently and on time.
  • Our specialists. All operations are performed by experienced staff that will do all work as quick as possible leaving no waste in accordance with high standards.
  • Excellent support. For agreed services, we are available 24/7.
  • Ecological sustainability. We understand the importance of environmental protection: we use minimum amounts of water and mild detergents while washing, save energy, and avoid generating extra waste.

Cooperating with us, you may take an advantage of

  • Quick accomplishing of a task, no delays or queues
  • New modern equipment and transport
  • Minimum efforts spent on paperwork
  • Instant solving of problems
  • Non-standard innovative solutions
  • Only high-quality materials used for repair works
  • Creative professional like landscape designer and project developer
Cooperating with us, you may take an advantage of


A wide range of modern equipment is used for work to perform our duties at the highest possible level. The list of machines that help us to make your native town better includes:

  • Snowblower
  • Loader
  • Tractor with a front loader
  • Tractor/small tractor
  • Tractor with cutter (front or rear)
  • Truck with front plow
  • Trucks for transporting the goods of different sizes and weight
  • Tools for working in the garden maintenance (both automated and for manual work)
  • Washing equipment

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