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WELL PACK Pallet Service – your Pallet Supplier

WELL PACK is a reliable partner for numerous of clients throughout Europe. New technologies and individual approach are the cornerstones of our business strategy. Our services include all types of operations with euro pallets and our customers’ satisfaction is our main purpose.

WELL PACK Pallet Service – your Pallet Supplier


Our company deals with various types of pallets and you can always choose what you particularly need. The choice depends on your purposes, capabilities, and wishes. There is no single answer to the question of which type is best suited for all users. But you may carefully consider all the factors and make a final decision



Pallets are available in different versions:

  • EPAL pallets.

Mandatory marked with ISO, UIC, and IPPC labels and have standard sizes of 800 mm × 1,200 mm and 1000 mm × 1,200 mm.

  • UIC EUR pallets

Manufactured in accordance with the UIC standard.

  • CP Pallets

Designed to meet the standards of the chemical industry.

  • Düsseldorf pallets (DD pallets, DHP pallets)

Also known as half pallets (600 x 800 mm).

  • UK standard/industrial pallets

Differ from the continental ones’ size (1200 x 1000 mm).

  • New pallets

800-1200 and 1000-1200 mm

  • Used bright EUR/EPAL pallets

Darker than new item but it is light enough.

  • Used dark EUR/EPAL pallets

These used pallets for sale are much darker.

  • Non-standard pallets

Sizes, forms, and colors are not regulated and depend on the customer’s requirements.

  • One-way pallets

Used only one time and their dimensions are variable.


Cooperating with our company, you can always use the following services:

  • Selling

You have wide choice of both new and used wooden packaging.

  • Inspection and Sorting

Your pallets will be carefully checked and their condition will be assessed.

  • Repair and Renovation

The broken items will be repaired and returned to circulation. We have the necessary documentation that gives us the right to certified repairs.

  • Rent and Lease

Pallet rental will help you to manage seasonal peaks and other periods with a higher demand for packaging.

  • Disposal and Recycling

We offer you a cost-effective way to eliminate your unnecessary wooden trays without breaking ecological regulations.

  • Repurchase

If you have unnecessary pallets in good condition, we will buy them on mutually advantageous terms.

  • Control of Availability

We take responsibility for the number and quality of the pallets at our client’s facilities and offset the loss.

  • Design

Often, companies want to stand out from their competitors by means of branded packaging and have their logo on their pallets. We are always ready to make our clients’ trays distinctive.



As our client, you can always obtain the pallet service of the highest quality. Our specialists have extensive experience, which allows them to take seriously the details. All our products are certified and we have all necessary licenses that give us the right to repairs of pallets. Our work meets all requirements and standards of the industry and when you buy wooden pallets at our company, you may be sure that they are not counterfeited and they will last for a long time.


We treat each case individually and provide the complete range of services from pallet transportation and delivery up to disposal. Providing wooden pallets for sale, we try to satisfy expectation of our clients when they are looking for the supplier near them. This is the main reason of why our customers become regular because high-quality of our work and affordable prices are the keys to long-term cooperation.

If you feel disoriented in the catalog assortment, you can always rely on the help of our consultants. We are always ready to give you good advice. Do you need wholesale pallets? Which type of them would meet your requirements the best? Is used packaging safe enough? How to get rid of unnecessary items without breaking the packaging waste regulations? We will not only explain the issues but also provide you with the best solutions.



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You needn’t care about the details with a well-tuned supply chain. WELL PACK will do this for you offering the best logistics solutions that fit your specific business needs and will boost your growth.