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Logistika i transport

WELL PACK je velika kompanija koja pruža logističke i transportne usluge širom Evrope. Nudimo visokokvalitetne usluge isporuke robe i preuzimamo odgovornost za ceo proces prijema robe, skladištenja i transfera.


Every day the company transports FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck-load). We carry printing materials (paper rolls, paper on pallets, magazines), packaging materials (pallets, plastic boxes), common consumer goods (construction materials, household cleaning goods, chemical products), and more. WELL PACK provides additional services such as collection, storage, and distribution, and we can deliver goods to the destination point directly, or via a transit point.

There are a lot of services offered by WELL PACK: express transportation from the Czech Republic to Frankfurt, Vienna, Bratislava, Leipzig and back; collection and transportation of biological material to the neighboring countries; and express transportation of orders weighing up to 50 kg. The company provides all types of containers designed to keep various items of all sizes.



The company is represented in 14 countries that are our most active freight shipping business areas:

  • Češka,
  • Nemačka,
  • Austrija,
  • Poljska,
  • Grčka,
  • Mađarska,
  • Rumunija,
  • Francuska,
  • Srbija,
  • Velika Britanija,
  • Belgija,
  • Luksemburg,
  • Nizozemska,
  • Irska

Multilingual customer support facilitates communication with our clients. Our call centers support different languages depending on the country, including

  • Czech
  • German
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak

WELL PACK adheres to a flexible policy of agreements focused on the requests and possibilities of its clients.We are always open to any proposal that will become a starting point for the benefit of both sides. Our team is ready to prepare and calculate logistic and transportation services for large and small companies — size is of no issue to us.


One of the key options that make logistics solutions in road freight successful is mobility and the ability to cover long distances quickly. WELL PACK possesses a large vehicle fleet that features various types of transport of different sizes and weight limits. There are

  • trucks (max. payload 24 tons)
  • small trucks (max. payload 3-5.5 tons)
  • vans (max. payload 1.3 tons), tautliners (13.6 m, standard and mega)
  • boxes/fridges (13.6 m)
  • actively chilled trailers
  • frigo trailers
  • ambient / chilled combined trailers

Today, we pay special attention to food transportation and can always find a special type of trailer if our client needs it.


Our team is highly experienced, delivering over 1000 shipments monthly. It is possible to track freights right from the point of dispatch to the point of destination. This option is very convenient for those who prefer to be sure that everything in their business gets done right. The clients in Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland can typically expect their goods within 48 hours. In the Czech Republic the customers very often require delivery within 24 hours within the country and it becomes a standard. The expedited shipment is possible, and, in cases where there is capacity, your order will be picked up within an hour.

Thanks to large volumes, we are able to ensure the lowest possible prices. Affordable cheapest shipping is especially attractive for smaller businesses as it ensures access to wider client segments via 3PL logistics that is also called contract.


Contract Logistics covers the entire process, from production to distribution at the end point of sale. It is not just a process of moving goods back and forth, but a much more complicated course of action that combines traditional logistics with supply chain management processes.

Now, we can also speak of 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) with regards to managing the supply chain. There are some key processes that are provided and controlled by our team: access to products from the production line, specialized warehousing, product delivery and expedited shipping, distribution to the point of sale, and reverse logistics.



This direction of logistics seems to be opposite to the standard supply chain. In this case, the goods move from the end user back to the distributor or manufacturer. This process usually includes returns from e-commerce and retail. According to the statistics, the percentage of returns in traditional shops is 8-10%, while in e-commerce it is 20-30%. It is easy to see why the demand for such service rises with the growth of e-commerce sector. The reverse logistics companies are indispensable to retailers who have to manage goods returned from their buyers.

WELL PACK helps its clients to better manage the flow of returned goods by offering its facilities to retailers and online shop owners.


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