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COVID-19: How WELL PACK Handles the Global Pandemic

COVID-19: How WELL PACK Handles the Global Pandemic

The year 2020 was dominated by the COVID-19 outbreak, and it was unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Its impact on the transportation services and logistics industry was enormous, and it was recognized by Departments of Transport all over the world, giving rise to serious concerns.  And now we have to adapt to our new reality.

And yet, this new reality appears to be not as terrible for us as it is for other industries. COVID-19 has resulted in the current, almost paradoxical, situation that, with the limitations and restrictions, lockdowns and controls, gave a boost to online purchases. As a consequence of this, traffic between countries decreased, but the traffic within the countries increased, as the number of goods transported rose in 2020. Of course, we took advantage of this situation. Some related services attained considerable popularity. A good example is the special attention paid to disinfection and washing. In this case, our transportation services turned into something more, and we tried to find the most flexible approaches for our clients.

That is why the year 2020 was challenging for our transport company, and we’d like to describe in more detail how we managed to avoid possible crises, and the outcomes of those efforts.

WELL PACK Holds Its Position

Our company tried to find its own way to cope with the consequences of the crisis, looking for new opportunities. We are happy to say that 2020 was rather hot for us: 900-1000 CCA shipments covered/month, or 370 000 CCA delivered pallets/month. The total distance traveled for 2020 is approximately 2,200,000 km.

We provide FTL (full truck load) and LTL (less than truck-load) for:

  • Printing materials (paper rolls, paper on pallets, magazines)
  • Blood samples (under temperature control)
  • Packaging materials (pallets, plastic boxes)
  • Common consumer goods (construction materials, personal hygiene products, chemical products, etc.)

We are ready to prepare and calculate logistic services for large and small companies alike. Mainly, we operate domestically in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Poland, but we are active throughout Europe.

Our transport customer service is multilingual, with support for Czech, Slovak, German, English, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, and Greek languages.

This list is not full and we are looking forward to more proposals.

It is not easy to hold a leading position in a pandemic situation. This is why we offer the best options for our clients:

  • We are able to pick up shipments for our clients within one hour after contact.
  • Our service is fast, reliable, and complete, so the goods will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.
  • Our team has decades of combined professional experience
  • With high quality service, we deliver thousands of tons of goods to their destination annually.
  • We cover the full execution of road haulage tasks in all European countries from 1 to 25 tons, and in domestic transportation.

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic remains a daunting challenge, but we are sure that it can continue to help us focus on the search for new solutions and professional achievements. We believe that our industry is prepared to accept and deal with difficulties in achieving a new standard in car transportation.

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