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Special Offer for Warehouse Rental in Bucharest

Special Offer for Warehouse Rental in Bucharest

Take advantage of our special offer – rent 800 square meters of useful space in our warehouse in Bucharest West.

You can enter this vacant space in the 1.700 m2 premises right now for the special price that will be very attractive for you.


1. Perfect geographical location. It is situated next to the A1 highway which connects Bucharest with western Romania, Hungary, and Serbia

2. This warehouse space is suitable for storage of any goods at ambient temperature.

3. This is a great place to arrange an e-commerce fulfillment center.

4. We have the possibility to sublease the space and that is why we can offer special favorable price for the storage.

5. Full range of logistics and transportation services is available: transportation, product delivery, expedited shipping, distribution to the point of sale, etc.

6. Possibility to order value-added services that include but are not limited to sorting, measuring, cleaning, labeling that will help to enhance your competitiveness.

7. The services of reverse logistics are mainly intended for e-business owners who want to outsource the issue of returns to professionals. You’ll have your returned goods inspected, sorted, and refurbished if necessary.

8. An additional service of plastic containers washing for those businesses that require it. Our unique methods of washing and high-quality equipment are at your disposal.

Just leave your contacts below and we will contact you as soon as possible and send you the best offer for this warehouse.

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