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Rent a Warehouse in Oxfordshire for Affordable Price

Rent a Warehouse in Oxfordshire for Affordable Price

Don’t miss a special offer for the rental of 55000 square feet. It is located just outside the Didcot/Abingdon area. It is suitable for storage of various types of goods, and it is spacy enough to accommodate even the largest batches.


We provide ambient cargo storage in one of the most logistically perspective and favourable places in the country. This location and exceptionally good infrastructure will allow you to gain an advantage over competitors and can be crucial for your business success.


Renting these premises, you’ll enjoy good access to the largest motorways:

– It is situated very close to the A34 which is a major trunk road and links it to the major motorway network in the UK.

– Southampton Docks is 60 miles away.

– Heathrow Airport is approx. 50 miles away, Birmingham airport is 70 miles. If you are looking for a warehouse near Heathrow Airport, pay attention to our offer.

This is also a good substitute for a Didcot distribution centre. This highly accessible logistics location features ideal supply chain conditions. It ensures faster product move and allows to reach the target destination without paying extra shipping costs.

Our Benefits:

  • Large external yard area – for long-term storage.
  • Small ancillary offices, with 24/7 manned security.
  • Economic and flexible warehousing with three-bay, trussed roof construction.
  • Real-time stock information that helps you to get clear visibility of your stock and make the right top-level business decisions.


  • Real-time updates for order picking help you to ensure your awareness.
  • Picking accuracy that improves productivity. It does not drop with multi-part orders where the employees have to pick items from multiple places.
  • A bespoke stock counting module to keep track of the warehouse inventory and prevent any financial losses.
  • Dispatch controls to eliminate loading errors and to provide the most efficient mode of operation.
  • Your secure access through a web portal to view stock data 24/7.

This is a noteworthy solution for those who need a warehouse in Abingdon or a warehouse in Didcot.

If you are interested in our offer and would like to know more information, please leave your contacts to discuss details.

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