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The Best Special Offer for Free Space Rental in Poland

The Best Special Offer for Free Space Rental in Poland

Available storage space in Lodz, Prologis logistic park, is ready for rent right now. The entire space is 4,000 m2, and you may rent from 100 m2. The effective height of this warehouse for rent is 10.5 m. Available electric power is 1,000 kW. Loading ramps: 5 pcs.

This is the best offer for client-friendly warehousing in Poland.

 Our Benefits

  • This is one of the best geographical warehouse locations in Poland.
  • Both long- and short-term renting is available.
  • Our managers will help to execute necessary documents quickly and carry out the operations on loading/reloading, palletizing, and laying out.
  • We will always help you with the transportation of any goods, and our movers are highly professional.
  • You will appreciate a convenient layout within the premise. You may store various types of goods there being sure that they will never be damaged or lost.
  • A wide choice of VAS and reverse logistics services are at your disposal.
  • RPC washing is offered to those who deal with perishable goods.
  • We always focus on the customers’ needs in warehouse logistics in Poland.

Our offer will delight you with the best price and high level of service.

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