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WELL PACK Establishes Partnership with IWG PLC on Furniture Logistics

WELL PACK Establishes Partnership with IWG PLC on Furniture Logistics

We are always in the process of searching for new development opportunities both locally and internationally. That is why at the end of July 2020, WELL PACK started operating as a business partner for the client IWG PLC. IWG is the world’s biggest flexible workspace provider with a global network of over 3,500 locations across more than 120 countries, and we are glad to help them now.
As more and more businesses adopt a hybrid work model, giving employees greater flexibility to choose how and where they work, their interest in and demand for flexible workplace solutions is growing. On top of this, flexibility and comfort are front of mind for freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and startups, who often prefer to base themselves at coworking spaces or offices close to their homes. IWG PLC offers completely furnished offices to their clients as such a service is in much demand. Clients can also choose the office furniture by themselves and form their surroundings to their tastes. This type of agreement is extremely convenient for those who are looking for both shorter and longer period leases.

WP is not just an ordinary warehouse company but a 3PL service provider for IWG. We created and run 5 warehouses for them to store office furniture in 4 locations: 2 objects in Germany, one each in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland. It took just 2 months to start the project simultaneously in all the places. It was a challenge but we finally made it.

Our task is to receive the furniture from our partner’s suppliers, to provide warehouse storage and then to install it according to the orders. We started with 1-2 orders per day at the beginning of August 2020, and now there are about 10 orders for the office furniture delivery and installation daily in all countries we cover. The most active customers are in Germany. Overall, WP is able to install furniture in up to 20 offices a day.

It is not so difficult to meet the clients’ demands as WELL PACK has its own vehicle fleet and extensive experience in 3PL solutions and 4PL logistics.. This business gave us an idea of a new line – relocation service. We already receive the orders to move the office furniture between the centers without storing it. We believe this is a promising future direction for further development and growth.

Being IWG’s partner is challenging and inspiring. No doubt that our partnership is as productive as possible, and we are looking forward to new joint achievements and realization of common purposes.

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