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What is Warehousing? WELL PACK Guide to Warehousing Solutions and Logistics

What is Warehousing? WELL PACK Guide to Warehousing Solutions and Logistics

Warehousing and storage are an essential part of any supply chain management. Our concept may look simple as our principles have not changed much over the years. Traditionally, warehousing services include transportation, storage, inventory management, materials handling, and protective packing.

But things are not as easy as they seem. There is a bundle of factors that have an effect on current warehousing activities. These are urbanization, new technologies, blooming online shopping, etc. So today, warehousing covers much more aspects than it ever has done and has to react quickly to ever-changing demand on the market demonstrating as much flexibility as possible. Now we are going to discover our views on what makes a difference for the clients, functions of warehousing, how to organize the working processes, and our place within the industry.


As we have already mentioned above, current situation calls for especial flexibility. Warehousing and logistics are closely connected and that’s why ineffective warehousing means the ineffectiveness of the entire supply chain resulting in delays, lack of goods, and blockages. That’s why the difference between an operation in distribution center (DC) and warehouse services is rather slight today. WELL PACK sticks to a complex approach that involves a wide range of services on top of storage itself:

  • Receiving
  • Transportation
  • Pack-out operations
  • Quality controls, etc.

We stepped aside from the pure physical storage in our premises and focus on

  • Full-service warehouse operations
  • Operation in your facilities
  • Full range of services related to order processing

We offer comprehensive storage and fulfillment services,

  • B2B and B2C order fulfillment
  • Pick and Pack
  • Reverse logistics and returns management
  • Order fulfillment for E-commerce
  • Washing of Reusable Plastic Packaging
  • Value added services
  • Pallet and package cross dock
  • Packing and dispatching consignments
  • Goods classification
  • Adding flyers and gifts to packaging
  • Payment collection
  • Printing and labeling
  • Surface treatment like grinding
  • Group-packing of several products
  • Palleting, wrapping, covering of goods
  • Availability of non-standard packaging
  • Manual operations if necessary
  • Services available in 24 /7 mode
  • Quality control
  • Personal attitude
  • Customized services
  • Pallet Storage (standard or oversized)
  • Storage of all type cartons (small, middle, big size)
  • Storage of extraordinary volume products


When deciding on placing a warehouse, WELL PACK takes lots of factors into consideration. All our facilities are favorably located. This means convenient access, close proximity to roads, remoteness from public places, etc. Convenience for e-commerce operations and retailers is also our number one concern today. We run our business in 8 countries and here is the list of our warehouses locations:

WELL PACK Deutschland GmbH
• Logistics Warehouse Lehrte, Gewerbestrasse 23
• Logistics Warehouse Crailsheim, Crailsheim, Pistoriusstraße 37,
• Service center CHEP, Erfurt, Alte Mittelhäuser Straße, 21

• Transport Division, Wels, Wiesenstrasse 60,
• Logistics Warehouse GmbH, Fuhrgasse 2, Seyring

WELL PACK s.r.o.
• Warehouse, Eden, Prague 10, Za Sedmidomky, 15
• Logistics Warehouse, Mstetice, Log. park P3 Prague D11, building DC02
• Warehouse, Sadska, Prazska, 148
• CHEP Service Center, Benatky, Benatky nad Jizerou, U Cukrovaru, 294b
• CHEP Service Center, Olomouc – Holice, Hamerska 812/19
• Packing Center, Jirice, Petra Mekotova Vesela

WELL PACK Hungaria Kft
• Logisztikai Kozpont, GLP Gyal, Gorcsev Ivan u. 1
• Service center CHEP Biatorbagy, Rozalia park 11


The main goal of warehousing is to make the process run smoothly and to ensure greater results. WELL PACK recommends you to consider following features when looking for a long-term partnership:

  • Wide range of services. In this case, your partner will be able to meet your demands even if they change with time. WELL PACK provides its clients with B2B and B2C order fulfillment, pick and pack, reverse logistics and returns management, order fulfillment for e-commerce, washing of reusable plastic packaging, etc.
  • Organization of the processes. Choose those with innovative approach, who support WMS as it will help you to improve your supply chain. WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an indispensable tool that adds visibility into a business’ entire inventory, optimizes resource usage and material flows. WELL PACK offers such system to its customers and it facilitates the interaction with us. For example, you can track your goods at any time of transportation and it is very convenient.
  • Quantifiable measurements. Evaluate such factors as damage rates, dock-to-stock time, or speed of procedures. Pay attention to SLA (service-level agreement) that spells out in measurable terms what services will be delivered to you. WELL PACK always gives detailed information on any issue you are interested in.


Companies need more than simple storage and keeping their goods safe. So-called reverse logistics is on trend today as it helps to organize and establish the processes of returns. Additionally, you can take advantage of

  • Shipment tracking and tracing
  • Prioritization of orders
  • Adding leaflets to shipments
  • Sorting and shipping based on the transport type
  • Additional shipping service based on geographical area such as customs or export packaging
  • Cost-efficient distribution

An example of an excellent collaboration between warehouse companies and online businesses is Amazon.

Why Amazon warehouses are called Fulfilment centres?
Amazon operates with more than 175 fulfilment centers worldwide in more than 150 million square feet of space, mainly located across North America and Europe.

What made their success possible?
They supplement their own warehousing net with cooperation with other nets. As a result, Amazon is able to deal with orders quickly and efficiently. Amazon robotics, scanning machines, and computer systems in fulfilment centers track millions of items per day. This efficient work of fulfilment centers constantly improves the way Amazon gets products to customers. Therefore, it helps sellers to develop the right strategy according to their product size and inventory availability. All these marketing tools provided by Amazon make it a great start for businesses that establish their marketplace sales channels.


Today, value added services facilitate the customers’ business helping them to get ahead of their competitors. When you go toe-to-toe with your competitors, WELL PACK takes care of your competitiveness offering additional services to help you to stand out. We are ready to provide you with sorting, measuring, assembling single goods into customer packaging, repairing damaged goods, labeling and other activities that are time-consuming and distract you from your basic business activities.

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